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Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing Practices are under intense scrutiny especially amid the recent opioid crisis.

There is no standardized professional certification or credential from an independent 3rd party which ensures all industry professionals who engage HCPs meet minimum standards of competency.

Many types of industries have a professional certification:

  • Doctors
  • Teachers
  • Bankers
  • Architects
  • Pharmacists
  • Firefighters
  • Accountants
  • Hairdressers
  • Plumbers
  • Building Inspectors
  • and the list goes on and on…

Yet, for both pharmaceutical industry sales professionals as well as medical affairs professionals no uniform standard of excellence or competency existed prior to the ACMA.


A recent survey found that over 65% of scientific and medical research is supported and conducted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Moreover, health care providers are required to obtain continuing education to maintain their professional license. The majority of continuing education is supported by pharmaceutical companies!

What that means is that pharmaceutical companies and their medical and sales representatives play a very important role as being the primary conduits of education and information to doctors. Having a professional certification creates a uniform standard of competency and excellence for industry professionals who are responsible for providing critical information to doctors which impacts patient lives.


ACMA is a global organization of Medical Affairs/MSL professionals across several functions such as Medical Communications, Medical Information, Medical Affairs Strategy, HEOR, Publications, Pharmacovigilance and more. ACMA reinvests back into the community, which ensures our ability to create valuable educational programs, resources and events that support the Medical Affairs community.


  • The ACMA is an internationally recognized accrediting body.
  • The ACMA provides the only standardized & accredited certification & credential recognized by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • ACMA partners with pharmaceutical companies and works with individuals to provide this credential and certification globally.


Patients: Credentialing pharmaceutical industry professionals acts in the best interest of public health. It ensures that physicians are receiving information in an objective, ethical manner because the professionals providing this information are accredited by an independent third party such as the ACMA.

Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals: We aim to help pharmaceutical industry professionals by improving their skills as trained professionals. We do this by providing a broad skilled and competency based training using the latest psychometric technology and a cutting edge learning platform

Healthcare Professionals: We aim to help the medical and healthcare community by ensuring that pharmaceutical industry professionals are meeting a minimum level of competency and knowledge. This results in increased trust and confidence that medical affairs and sales professionals are providing information in an accurate and effective way.


We bring uniformity and the highest standards of excellence in education and training for Medical Affairs and Sales departments in life science companies around the world.

Our training programs are used by pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic companies as a go-to resource and reference.

We are a self-governing entity which works collaboratively with academic & industry organizations to ensure that there are adequate educational and professional development opportunities for the life sciences.

The Mission of the ACMA is to establish a higher level of global, independent standards of excellence in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and medical devices industries.


ACMA Vision is to improve patient care and safety through the transformation of education and research in the healthcare ecosystem.

ACMA Core Values

ACMA = LEAD in Pharma

ACMA = LEAD in Medical Affairs

Learning – We encourage continued professional development and exploring ways to become experts.

Excellence – We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of integrity and diligence when it comes to our services, by presenting best practices in the industry.

Accountability – We believe in “walking the talk” and rising above the minimum requirements to achieve the desired results for our stakeholders.

Differentiation through Innovation – we are disrupting the industry by creating new paradigms in pharma.

ACMA Science Education Trust
Building Bridges for the Life Sciences

Purpose: The ACMA Science Education Trust was created to encourage and foster science education among inner city school children with a passion for science. Its mission is to support science education during the formative years of kindergarten through 12th grade. The ACMA works with school districts around the world to foster science education opportunities.

For scientists, medical affairs professionals, healthcare professionals and other technical professionals who want to contribute to the improvement of science education, please contact us and learn how you can get involved.

Overview: The primary goal of the ACMA Science Education Trust is to provide financial support and opportunities for children with a high interest and strong potential for careers in the sciences.