Please join us on Thursday, May 2nd at 6:00PM BRT

For Brazilian Medical Affairs Professionals

What are the most important skills necessary to be successful in a medical affairs or MSL role?

The knowledge gained in the webinar will not only provide participants effective techniques to successfully navigate and position themselves for success in a pharmaceutical industry career but also provide tangible steps they can take to distinguish themselves in the interview process.

Webinar Topics:

  • Career opportunities for doctors, pharmacists and PhDs in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • A clear understanding of medical affairs and the MSL role
  • How to build a successful pharmaceutical industry career
  • Ways to distinguish yourself, expand your career options and be more competitive.


William Soliman PhD, BCMAS
Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs

Charles Schmidt, MD, BCMAS
Head, South America Operations
Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs

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