1. You get to impact patient lives on a macro-scale level.
  2. You use a wide variety of skills outside of your traditional training.
  3. You work with interdisciplinary team of professionals (MD, Ph.D., PharmD, NP, PA, DO, etc.)
  4. You will work with some of the top thought leaders in medicine, worldwide.
  5. Medical affairs has grown over 150% in the last 10 years & is estimated to grow another 200%. There are ample career opportunities.
  6. It’s anything but routine. If you like to mix things up, medical affairs is the perfect function for you. No one week is the same.
  7. You are the subject matter expert on a particular disease and become both a valuable resources and educator to your cross-functional partners who will rely on you as the “expert.”
  8. You’re always learning, growing and developing. As a medical affairs professional, you need to keep up with the latest & greatest in your particular therapeutic area.
  9. You can help influence the practice of medicine. For example, medical guidelines by providing appropriate & balanced education to the medical community.
  10. You gain a unique perspective on the healthcare landscape. And will deal with several facets of the healthcare system.