Megan Cole, PRC
Pharmaceutical Representative Certification


The Pharmaceutical Representative Certification (PRC) program is a comprehensive, 10-module, self-paced, online program designed to foster the professional development of Pharmaceutical Sales Professionals. ACMA Certification demonstrates that professionals have met rigorous standards through intensive study, self-assessment and evaluation.

Achieving the PRC demonstrates the highest standards of knowledge, and excellence in the pharma sales profession.

Program Goals

  • Provide a solid foundation within various areas in Pharma Sales to increase the chance of success and effectiveness.
  • Offer the most comprehensive training to allow Pharma Sales professionals the opportunity to work within a variety of areas within the pharmaceutical industry.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Establish a minimum level of knowledge in core clinical areas such as pharmacology, anatomy & physiological effects of drugs, and the mechanism of action of common pharmacotherapeutics.
  • Understand health economics outcomes research and the interpretation of pharmacoeconomics data.
  • Learn about analyzing scientific literature, clinical trial design, evidence based medicine, and medical terminology.
  • Learn about professional ethics related to opioid use, FDA rules & regulations, ethics & compliance related to the pharmaceutical industry and preventing fraud & abuse.

Program Format

The PRC program is online and self-paced. Individuals are given access to all program materials for six months.

The program consists of ten modules. Each module contains a knowledge check, learning objectives, module chapters, and a module summary.

What you will learn?

The pharmaceutical representative credentialing program was developed by physicians, pharmacists and leading industry experts:

What will I learn?

  • Professional Ethics Related to Opioid Use for Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals
  • Preventing Fraud & Abuse of Prescription Drugs
  • Medical Terminology & Abbreviations
  • FDA Laws & Regulations Related to Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing
  • Principles of Pharmacoeconomics
  • Basic Principles in Pharmacology
  • Anatomical & Physiological Effects of Drugs
  • Analyzing Peer-Reviewed Literature on Pharmacological Treatments
  • Comparison of Therapeutic Drug Classes, their Mechanism of Action and Delivery System
  • Consultative Selling Strategy & Execution

PRC-Nationally Recognized as the Industry Standard