Independent Credentialing in Medical Affairs

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Become a Credentialed Pharmaceutical Industry Representative

Become a certified professional with the needed credentials to operate as a pharmaceutical industry representative.

Benefits of the ACMA Pharmaceutical Representative Credential:


Provides continuing education for pharmaceutical industry professionals.


Establishes foundational knowledge in key scientific & clinical areas needed to be effective.


Serves the best interests of patients and pharmaceutical industry employers by ensuring a minimum level of competence is maintained.

Who Should Enroll?

This program is intended for current pharmaceutical sales representatives or those interested in becoming pharmaceutical sales representatives.

The program can be used to fulfill continuing education requirements for pharmaceutical representatives in certain states where this is required.

Fees Structure

Type Fees
Pharmaceutical Representative Credentialing Program $1499

What Will I Learn?

Medical Terminology & Abbreviations

FDA Laws & Regulations Related to Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing

Principles of Pharmacoeconomics

Professional Ethics Related to Opioid Use for Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals

Basic Principles in Pharmacology

Anatomical & Physiological Effects of Drugs

Preventing Fraud & Abuse of Prescription Drugs

Analyzing Peer-Reviewed Literature on Pharmacological Treatments

Comparison of Therapeutic Drug Classes, their Mechanism of Action and Delivery System