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William Cohen, PRC
Pharmaceutical Representative Certification

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This program is intended for current pharmaceutical sales representatives or those interested in becoming pharmaceutical sales representatives.

The program can be used to fulfill continuing education requirements for pharmaceutical representatives in certain states where this is required.

Benefits of Credentialing

  1. Provides continuing education for pharmaceutical industry professionals.
  2. Establishes foundational knowledge in key scientific & clinical areas needed to be effective.
  3. Serves the best interests of patients and pharmaceutical industry employers by ensuring a minimum level of competence is maintained.
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It’s about Patients

About the Pharmaceutical Representative Credentialing Program

Being a pharmaceutical representative is an awesome responsibility. You are the face of your company to the medical community. They rely on you to get the latest product updates.

Why get credentialed?

Becoming credentialed tells the world you have achieved the highest standards of excellence in training for the pharmaceutical industry.

The Pharmaceutical Representative Credentialing Program is a completely online, self-paced program which meets the continuing education requirements in states requiring pharmaceutical representatives to be licensed/credentialed.

We offer a state of the art learning platform and curriculum to help make you more knowledgeable and effective at what you do.

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  1. Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  2. Foreign graduates eligible.


The pharmaceutical representative credentialing program was developed by physicians, pharmacists and leading industry experts:

What will I learn?

  • Professional Ethics Related to Opioid Use for Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals
  • Preventing Fraud & Abuse of Prescription Drugs
  • Medical Terminology & Abbreviations
  • FDA Laws &Regulations Related to Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing
  • Principles of Pharmacoeconomics
  • Basic Principles in Pharmacology
  • Anatomical & Physiological Effects of Drugs
  • Analyzing Peer-Reviewed Literature on Pharmacological Treatments
  • Comparison of Therapeutic Drug Classes, their Mechanism of Action and Delivery System
  • Consultative Selling Strategy & Execution

Fees and Payment

Total Tuition-

$999.00 USD

Payment Options-

  1. One full payment
  2. Flexible Installment Payment Plan
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