Mission and Vision


The Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA) is a self-governing entity which administers the Medical Affairs certification program content. The council works collaboratively with other academic & industry organizations to ensure that there are adequate educational and professional development opportunities for professionals involved in Medical Affairs as well as clinical & scientific students with an interest in Medical Affairs.

The Mission of the ACMA is to establish, certify, and maintain the competencies of qualified medical and scientific professionals who have a focus in Medical Affairs within the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries.

The ACMA currently provides two routes to certification within Medical Affairs:

The Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist Program (BCMAS) is an accredited board certified program which reflects the highest standards of competency & knowledge within Medical Affairs. Click here for more information on the BCMAS Program including eligibility criteria.

The Medical Affairs Competency Certificate (MACC) Program is for individuals with an interest in the area or for those looking to expand their knowledge. Click here for more information on the MACC Program.


We are committed to becoming the world’s leading organization in medical affairs.

ACMA Core Values

ACMA = LEAD in Medical Affairs

Learning – We encourage continued professional development and exploring ways to become experts in medical affairs.

Excellence – We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of integrity and diligence when it comes to our services, by presenting best practices in medical affairs.

Accountability – We believe in “walking the talk” and rising above the minimum requirements to achieve the desired results for our stakeholders.

Differentiation through Innovation – we are disrupting the industry by creating new paradigms in medical affairs