• Expand Your MSL/Medical Affairs Career Options
  • Demonstrate Excellence and Commitment to the MSL/Medical Affairs Profession
  • Distinguish Yourself with Colleagues & Key Opinion Leaders
  • Build Your Personal Brand in the Life Sciences Industry
  • Develop Leadership Skills to Enhance Your Career
Earn the Credential of Excellence in the MSL/Medical Affairs Profession

Become a Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist™

Jill Massey, PharmD, MBA, BCMAS

Medical Affairs Senior Executive

The Industry Standard in Board Certification for MSL/Medical Affairs Professionals

You've built a team of highly intelligent MSL/Medical Affairs Professionals. Set them apart with Board Certification in Medical Affairs.
Why Certification Matters
24% Higher
Profit margin per employee
68% Increase
In overall employee performance
70% Increase
In knowledge sharing among team members
6× Greater Engagement
For employees to be engaged while at work
References: American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) (2014); IBM Smarter Workforce study (2018); Certiport Study (2012); Employees Who Use Their Skills Outperform Those Who Don’t, Gallup Study (2015)
The Challenge

Are you a leader and influencer in your company? Are you responsible for your team’s success? Do you wish you had a tool that would communicate you and your team’s expertise and value more clearly?

The Answer: BCMAS™

The Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist (BCMAS™) program puts the spotlight on every Medical Affairs professional’s capabilities and commitment. Every team member contributes more and communicates that value more effectively.

With thousands certified around the world, the BCMAS™ is the badge of excellence for MSL/Medical Affairs Professionals in over 70 countries.

Hear from an MSL Professional

Kerry Flecknoe, ESE, BCMAS

A recent BCMAS graduate, Kerry Flecknoe shares her journey with ACMA and the BCMAS certification program.

Who Benefits from BCMAS Certification?

  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Managed Care MSLs
  • Medical Directors
  • Medical Information Specialists
  • Medical Communication Specialists
  • Senior Medical Science Liaisons Taking on Greater Team Responsibility
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialists
  • Health Economics Experts
  • Publication Planning Professionals
  • Clinical Development Professionals
  • Medical Affairs Professionals Seeking to Increase Their Effectiveness
  • Medical Affairs Specialists Looking to Increase Their Career Options

What does the BCMAS include?

  • 20 Premier learning modules which are updated quarterly
  • Practical case studies
  • Downloadable resources
  • Comprehensive industry glossary
  • Knowledge checks
  • 200 Question practice test bank
  • Final board examination
  • 24/7 Dedicated live support
The BCMAS Curriculum Covers Key Areas of Medical Affairs
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Overview
  • Digital Technology in Medical Affairs
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medical Affairs
  • Medical Device Industry
  • Diagnostics Industry
  • Rules Governing Interactions with Healthcare Professionals
  • Health Economics Outcomes Research (HEOR)
  • Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Clinical Trials Design
  • Presentation and Communication Skills
  • Grant and Investigator-Initiated Study Funding and Process
  • Executive Leadership Skills
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Compliance
  • Abstract and Medical Writing
  • Publication Practices
  • Drug Development Practices
  • Overview of Medical Information
  • Medical Science Liaisons and Field-Based Medical Teams
  • Advisory Boards
  • Post Marketing Studies
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS)
  • Medication Safety and Pharmacovigilance

Proving the Value of Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs Teams

What is the value of medical affairs? MSL/Medical Affairs teams play a vital role in the life sciences industry. A recent survey showed that 87% of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) preferred MSLs who had the BCMAS credential. They were perceived as more credible, more trustworthy and more competent. With BCMAS™ you protect the integrity of the MSL/Medical Affairs function and distinguish it from the sales function.

Unify Your Team

Board Certification in Medical Affairs with BCMAS™ establishes a uniform benchmark of excellence that ALL MSL/Medical Affairs Professionals must attain. It ensures that your entire team is meeting a standard of excellence. Establishing professional standards in Medical Affairs is the future. Click here to listen to what the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Head of the Centers for Drug Evaluation & Research says about why what the ACMA does is important.

Raising Standards to Reduce Risk

Every company struggles with the industry’s negative public perception. What better fix than ensuring that the individuals who represent the company in scientific communication meet the highest standards of knowledge and conduct? The key to reducing future risk reduction and management is Medical Affairs certification.

Delivering Strategic Insights

With BCMAS-certified skills, your team will be ready to capture scientific and competitive insights. By delivering better insights, your team enables the whole company to set and execute a more effective medical strategy. The organization will move more quickly and nimbly to meet market challenges and opportunities. That’s an advantage to definitively answer the “value” question.


Accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education & Training/American National Standards Institute (IACET/ANSI). A Globally Recognized Body of Excellence in Professional Development & Certification.

BCMAS Professionals Come from Over 200 Companies

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