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Ditch Outdated Medical Affairs Training

  • Broaden medical affairs skills & competencies
  • Level the playing field and establish a uniform standard across medical affairs
  • Enhance knowledge retention through real time employee training
  • Mitigate Risk & Liability for your organization
  • Combat forgetting curve with on-demand self-paced content
  • Never worry about updating and maintaining content & software
  • Gain learner insights
  • Learn how to apply knowledge with task-specific training
  • End employee confusion and shorten training time
  • Employees learn on their own terms which encourages employee self-service.

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"I made the transition to Medical Affairs because helping front-line providers improve the quality of patient care will have significant impacts on the overall health of the population."

- Mark Vaughn, PharmD, BCMAS

Benefits of Providing Professional Development &
Training for your Teams

Leads to happier & more effective teams,

which translates into a higher retention rate. People are happier working for organizations that are invested in their professional development and committed to helping them take the next steps in their career.

Gives the medical community greater confidence in your team.

Encouraging medical affairs professionals to earn a professional certification tells physicians and the community that your company holds its staff to the highest professional standards.

Boosts productivity

Studies by a variety of organizations have shown that employees with a professional certification are more productive. That's because certifications better prepare workers to deal with day-to-day challenges.

Encourages greater peace of mind

Certified employees learn the importance of adhering to certain professional standards. You can more easily and confidently rely on your team's ability to meet industry benchmarks and count on work of a higher and more consistent quality.

Assess Competency & Progress

Our accredited training programs ensures that a minimum standard of excellence is met by every industry professional. Ensure that your team is meeting the basic competencies to carry out their role in an effective and compliant manner.