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ACMA Presenting Research at the Upcoming ACCP 2018 Scientific Meeting in Jacksonville, FL

ACMA Chief Academic Officer, Suzanne Soliman, PharmD, BCMAS and Assistant Dean for Experiential Pharmacy Education, St. John’s University, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Tina Kanmaz, PharmD, AAHIVE, BCMAS, are presenting research on the level of preparedness for pharmacists looking to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

The ACMA recognizes Top 5 Women Pharmacists in Medical Affairs in 2018

The ACMA has recognized five outstanding women in medical affairs. There has been a dramatic growth of medical affairs within the pharmaceutical industry. Female Pharmacists in Medical Affairs are leading the way. They comprise over 50% of the pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry.These women work at some of the largest and most innovative pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Be sure to check back soon for an article highlighting these five amazing women!

Business intelligence firm

Business intelligence firm, Cutting Edge Information, is proud to be partnering with the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA) to continue to be a provider of knowledge and expertise to those in the medical affairs profession. Together, our resources can help you and your company rise above the rest in the medical affairs industry.

Summary of Medical Affairs Patient-Centricity and Proving Value

Would you like to contribute to Cutting Edge Information’s newest MSL team structure, activities and strategy survey for our 2018 report publication? For participating in this research, you will receive complimentary data findings! This survey will focus on country-specific metrics such as pre- and post-launch activities, budget breakdowns, staff sizes and value-proving metrics. Access our online survey here:


Medical affairs objectives have changed over the past decades. As teams progress from traditional medical affairs objectives to next-level ones, they also become more patient-centric. Cutting Edge Information’s newest publication, Medical Affairs Patient-Centricity and Proving Value: A Comprehensive Analysis of Cutting Edge Information’s Medical Affairs Research, explores how teams in thought leader management, medical communications, and advancing research currently measure value. It also looks ahead, providing expert insights on how medical affairs can evolve and become more patient-centric. To learn more about the research findings in this report, go