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Official Board Certification for MSL & Medical Affairs Professionals in the World

BCMAS ™ 1 Minute Explainer Video


“The ACMA has an important mission — BCMAS can help improve the quality of pharmaceutical industry professionals worldwide and therefore improve patient care.

Sotirios G. Stergiopoulos
Cheif Medical Officer, Ipsen


"BCMAS Review was excellent. They provided quizzes and a practice exam which really helped me prepare for the exam. BCMAS was worth it!"

Brian Duncan
Vice President, Medical Affairs


“Before I was Board Certified in Medical Affairs, I almost never heard back from recruiters… [now] I receive call backs almost every day… definitely made a huge difference.

Srilatha Simhadri
Postdoctoral Fellow at Rutgers

The Future of Medical Affairs and the Medical Science Liaison Role

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  • Evolving External Stakeholders for Medical Affairs Professionals
  • The Evolving Role of the MSL in 2025

For Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Professionals


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Industry professionals provide a review of the BCMAS ™ program. Curious to know if the BCMAS ™ is worth pursuing? Listen to BCMAS ™ graduates share their stories!

Some Of The Companies Where Board Certified Professionals In Medical Affairs Have Come From

Customized MSL Training Programs and Topics

The ACMA offers customized training and professional development for MSL teams. Our training programs can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs (disease state, clinical, and soft skills training). Our MSL professional development and training solutions are based on real-world experience from professionals with world class MSL experience.

  • Successfully building an MSL team in preparation for launch
  • Effectively working with cross-functional teams (i.e. sales, marketing etc)
  • Building effective long term value-added ethical KOL relationships
  • Emotional Intelligence for MSLs
  • Pre and post KOL visit strategy and creating objectives for each visit
  • Developing a Specific Strategy and plan for each KOL
  • Insight gathering and Competitive Intelligence
  • Maximizing MSL performance
  • Investigator led research (IITs ISTs etc.) communication strategy
  • Developing and utilizing MSL KPI’s and Metrics
  • Conference planning and strategy
  • Effectively managing Advisory Boards
  • Advanced presentation and communication skills

Our Most popular MSL Training & Professional Development Programs

Presentation & Communication Skills (Live Training)

This training provides both newly hired and experienced MSLs the skills necessary to be successful and topics covered include:

  • Effective presentation & communication skills
  • Personalized 1×1 in-depth MSL presentation skills training
  • Professionally presenting scientific & clinical data
  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Skills Training

MSL Diversity & Inclusion Within the Life Sciences

The MSL profession brings together individuals from a truly heterogeneous background. One of the unique aspects of this training is the ability for you to receive multiple tools to help you understand the changing landscape when working with different internal and external stakeholders. Topics covered in this training include:

  • Cultural Competencies
  • Ensuring a culture of inclusion for everyone
  • Understanding team strengths & weaknesses
  • Sensitivity training

Emotional Intelligence 101 for MSLs

This training will provide unique insights and skills to maximize MSL performance by covering basic concepts of emotional intelligence and how to use these to effectively build relationships. Topics covered in this training include:

  • EQ vs IQ and predicting success
  • Building effective KOL relationships
  • Learning how to use emotional intelligence to improve your effectiveness

Featured Content

  • Health Economics Outcomes Research
  • US & ex-US Regulatory Affairs Landscape
  • Clinical Trial Design & Evidence Based Medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Comparative View of the Mechanism of Action of Drugs for every organ system
  • Medical Terminology
  • Presentation & Communications Strategies for MSLs
  • Creating a Target Product Profile
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • REMS
  • Professional Ethics Related to Interactions with HCPs
  • Anatomical & Physiological Effects of Drugs
  • Various Therapeutic Areas Covered
  • Prescription Drug Fraud & Abuse
  • Clinical Trial Statistics
  • Clinical Development Expert Training
  • Understanding Diagnostics
  • Compliance for pharma, device & diagnostics
  • Publications Practices
  • Effective Advisory Boards for Medical Affairs
  • Medication Safety
  • REMS
  • MSLs & Field Based Teams
  • Phase IV/Post-Marketing Studies
  • Medical Information
  • Medical Terminology
  • Professional Ethics & Opioid Use
  • Hepatology
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Endocrinology
  • Rare Diseases Overview
  • Biologics
  • Medical Devices
  • Diabetes
  • Ophthalmology
  • Gastroenterology