1. Tell us a little about your professional background?

Born in Beirut (Lebanon) on 31st March of 1975, Antoine Daher is a Brazilian businessman who dedicate his life to the Rare Diseases’ cause. He speaks Arabic, French, English and Portuguese and has a Master in Political and Administrative Science with an extension in Political Science. In 2012, he got involved with advocacy, when he discovered that his son has the Hunter Syndrome (MPS II), a metabolic innate error. Founder and president of Casa Hunter, Toni – as he is usually called – has been dedicating his life to help Brazilians with the rare diseases. With a strong presence in the —- Parliament, he fights for public health policies and laws that grants a better life for people with rare diseases. Since January/2019, Antoine Daher is the president of Febrararas, The Brazilian Federation of Rare Diseases Associations. He is also a member of the Rare Diseases Commission at the Federal Council of Medicine in Brazil (since 2015); vice-president of Clinical Research Alliance of Brazil and president of Casa dos Raros (The House of the Rares).

2. Why did you decide to join the ACMA board?

ACMA’s goal is totally related with Casa Hunter’s mission. As a president of NGO focused on Rare Diseases, we are extremely concerned about establishing benchmarks of excellence in training for the life sciences and healthcare industries.

3. What are 3 predictions you have for the pharmaceutical industry in the next 10 years?

  • Gene Therapy (pharmacogenomics)
  • New drugs focused on childhood diseases
  • Research into tackling auto-immune problems

4. What would you tell companies considering to Board Certify their medical affairs organizations?

Medical Affairs involves a group of activities of high value and high competence: technical knowledge, communication abilities, emotional intelligence… In order to certify a good teamwork level, you must submit them to training. Besides that, a certification from a recognized organization, can cut steps and get an important time in a competitive era.

5. What do you enjoy doing (hobbies, etc..) in your spare time?

Cooking and traveling.