“Medical affairs is a very broad discipline, and in a changing environment it makes it really difficult for a Medical Affairs professional to become an ‘expert’ in any one activity or process. Expertise in Medical Affairs can therefore be defined a bit differently – it’s more about patterns of behaviour that enable positive, self-driven, collaborative working in order to create solutions that matter most. In this way, you will never really ‘know the answer’, and will never be the ‘smartest person in the room’. Instead, the pattern of behaviour that leads to success is more about:
  • Actively seeking and listening to insights
  • Finding a gab, problem or opportunity that should be strategically prioritized, and is meaningful
  • Making a plan of action while understanding risks, opportunities and decision milestones
  • Communicating your strategy in order to inspire and influence others, to gain engagement towards your meaningful goal”
Heather Moses Head of Medical Affairs, Roche, UK