ACMA is a global organization focused on establishing benchmarks of excellence in training for the life sciences and healthcare industries. With offices in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Brazil, the ACMA offers excellent domestic support to the individuals and companies who we serve.

The ACMA is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET/ANSI) and is a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. Additionally, the ACMA is a joint provider, in collaboration with ScientiaCME, of CME/CE for U.S. licensed physicians and pharmacists.


  • The ACMA provides training & certification programs for the life sciences & healthcare industries.
  • ACMA partners with both companies and universities to offer training and certification of their teams.



Patients: The life sciences and healthcare industries ultimately serve patients. By establishing a benchmark for training excellence for teams and organizations, we are both more compliant and effective at what we do. This ultimately serves in the best interest of public health. It ensures that physicians are receiving information in an objective, ethical manner because the professionals providing this information are accredited by an independent third party such as the ACMA.

Life Sciences Industry: We aim to help pharmaceutical industry professionals by improving their skills as trained professionals. We do this by providing a broad skills and competency based training using the latest psychometric technology and a cutting edge online learning platform.

Healthcare Professionals: We aim to help the medical and healthcare community by offering training that helps improve their practice and processes and cut down on inefficiencies. This results in increased trust and confidence from patients.

Universities & Academic Centers of Excellence: The ACMA offers training for both clinical researchers in an academic setting as well as students within pharmacy and medical schools interested in careers within the pharmaceutical industry.


We bring uniformity and the highest standards of excellence in education and training for the life science and healthcare industry around the world.

Our training programs are used by pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device diagnostic companies as a go-to resource and reference. They are also incorporated into universities and academic centers of excellence.

We are a self-governing entity which works collaboratively with academic & industry organizations to ensure that there are adequate educational and professional development opportunities for the life sciences and healthcare.

The Mission of the ACMA is to establish a higher level of global, independent standards of excellence in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, medical devices and healthcare industry.